Free Cyntoia Brown, Who Killed Her Rapist at 16

Cyntoia Brown was forced to engage in survival sex work as a child. In 2004 she killed one of the men who bought her in self defense. She was 16 years old and they tried her as adult and sentenced her to life in prison.

This is a failure of the system and we must free her!

After her tragic case, Tennessee even changed their laws such that someone in her circumstances would be considered a victim and never be tried in the same way. Although laws cannot be enforced retroactively like this, Cyntoia inspired the change and should not suffer her whole life for things that weren't her fault. 

Cyntoia's boyfriend "Kutthroat" pimped her out all through her early teenage years for money. Kuttroat was violent and abusive - he verbally and physically abused her and sexually abused her at gun point. For years she had been beaten and raped and finally, she had the opportunity to stand up for herself and fight back by killing a man who bought her for the night and then attacked her. This was the crime that has her locked up for life. He was a 43-year-old man.

While in prison, Cyntoia has gone on to get an associate's degree and mentor numerous other women in prison. She is an explemplory inmate and even still, she will not get a chance at parole until she is 69. This is not justice. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have spoken out against this injustice. Will you join them?

Cyntoia is a victim. Sign on to free her.
Update #17 maanden geleden
Great news! Cyntoia is getting a clemency hearing on May 23rd. This is a huge step. Keep sharing the petition to support Cyntoia’s freedom!
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