Trump: Reverse the Gag Order on the EPA

Trump has placed a gag order on employees of the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that folks with an expertise in issues of pollution, environmental protections, and climate change can no longer speak with the media, the public or members of Congress. This horrifying stifling of the free exchange of information is a devastating instance of censorship and it cannot be tolerated. 

Sign on to tell Trump that you demand he lift the order and allow the EPA to continue to disseminate accurate information about the state of our environment. 

Trump's press secretary has argued that this is a normal act for an incoming administration, but that's not true. Trump's climate denial and anti-science stance is a clear and present threat to the safety and sustainability of our planet. If we allow Trump to censor the kind of information experts can share, we allow him to tell a twisted and inaccurate story for his own benefit. We know that Trump is pro oil drilling, even though it's harmful to our environment and that does not even promise the best and most sustainable jobs. But if he can suppress those facts, his story will begin to be what folks believe. 

We have to fight for facts and information. Lying about the state of the environment doesn't change it, it only puts us behind in dealing with what is the biggest threat to our world right now. 

If you care about the planet, please sign on to demand the new President ungags the EPA. 



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