Start A New Organization for Special Needs Sports!

    It is time for a new organization for special needs sports because the Special Olympics are becoming more like an exercise class and competition happy.

    The new organization will be called Achieve the Impossible in Special Needs Sports! Achieve The Impossible in Special Needs Sports will have Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Sports. The Spring Sports will be Equestrian, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Cycling, Softball and Track and Field. The Summer Sports will be Bocce Ball, Martial Arts, Bowling, Cornhole, and Pickle Ball. The Fall Sports will be Equestrian, Mini Golf, Golf, Martial Arts, Soccer, and Dance Sport. The Winter Sports will Non-ice Curling, Bowling, Figure Skating, Martial Arts, Speed Skating, and Dance Sport.

    The Special Needs Athletes will be allowed to compete in all the sports if they want. The practices will be grouped by age and skill level. There will be a warm up appropriate for the sport that the athletes are doing. If a Coach is hurt or unable to come to practice than the practice is cancelled. There will be no tournaments overlapping with other sports that athlete competes in. All sport practices must be held in a place reasonable for the sport like bocce ball courts not in a dog park.

    A.I.I.S.N.S will be much better than the Exercise Class and Competition Happy Special Olympics!
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