Use Political Power to Stop Republicans from Stealing the Supreme Court!

To Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and U.S. Democratic Senators: We, the undersigned demand that you promise the U.S. Senate Republicans that if they appoint a Supreme Court justice and Donald Trump loses the election and Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate that you will "pack the court" with four extra justices to create a 6 to 5 liberal majority. We further demand that you follow through with this threat should they ignore it.

The Republican senators have shown their unbridled hypocrisy in going back on the promise they made in 2016 to follow their own historically unprecedented rule about not appointing a Supreme Court justice in an election year. We all know now that they are deaf to appeals based on reason, ethics, or morality. The only thing they will respond to is power. Therefore, the only way to prevent them from allowing Donald Trump to pick a new ultra-conservative justice is by convincing them that Democrats have the will and the resolve to completely nullify their raw power-grab with a power-grab of our own.

Hopefully, this promise will lead four or more Republican senators to realize that their party's greed for power is leading the nation into a constitutional crisis and they will block the Senate from appointing a new justice until the next President is inaugurated. However, if they decide to "call our bluff" and go forward, you, our Democratic leaders, must prove that there was never any bluff. You must either appoint the four new justices or convince the new Trump-appointed justice to resign.

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