Stop Alabama from prosecuting anyone who helps someone travel for an abortion!

In a new power grab, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall wants to prosecute anyone helping someone travel for an abortion as a criminal conspirator, even if the abortion never occurs. From helping with lodging to actually traveling across state lines, it puts the people of Alabama at an even greater risk. 

Criminalizing abortion is a dangerous move in itself. To then criminalize cases desperate enough to travel to end their pregnancy is totally inhumane and will force an unprecedented amount of births and risky backdoor abortions. Once again, a Republican legislature is placing the "rights" of a fetus over real, living citizens that they serve. It's abhorrent.

This isn't the only state trying to criminalize abortion until it's totally nonexistent in their state, and if we don't call for it to end it won't be the last. We must immediately demand this rule be blocked, before Alabama residents have even less agency over their bodies.

Add your name to call for a stop to Alabama's new proposed abortion rule!

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