Emancipation Laws Need to be brought back to the state of Ohio

    There are teens and children going through so much these days and ending up homeless or in foster homes. I believe that Ohio's Emancipation law needs to be brought back! Because most 14-17 years of age are responsible enough to be on there own. I say this because of how harsh and unstable people are these days. Because face it the world is full of drug addicts and the children shouldn't have to be punished for there parents mistakes! They shouldn't be drug through hell untill they turn 18. We the people need to make this world better for them because being tossed from house to house with new people each time or even with the same people each time is awful and causes most teens and children to be defiant and unable to trust. So if you are reading this Please for the children and teens how are struggling help them out of these situations and help the state of Ohio to bring back the law of Emancipation!
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