Join the Movement to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault and Abuse

Monuments create space for individuals to reconnect with community and heal. There has never been a monument to survivors of sexual assault and abuse. As a society, we need interactive spaces for grief in order to recognize the trauma of sexual and intimate partner violence.

Launched in 2013 by FORCE: upsetting rape cultureThe Monument Quilt builds a new culture where survivors are publicly supported, rather than publicly shamed. It is an ongoing collection of more than 3,000 stories by survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence and our allies, written, painted, and stitched onto red fabric. Our stories literally blanket highly public, outdoor places to create and demand space to heal, and resist a singular narrative about sexual violence. The Quilt has been displayed 49 times in 33 cities across the US and Mexico since the project launched in 2013.

Sign this petition to be a part of history by pledging participation in the final Monument Quilt display May 31-June 2, 2019. Here are just some of the ways to participate:

In Person
  • Join us on the National Mall to honor survivors during the Monument Quilt display, by attending, or by volunteering
  • Make a donation to help bring the display to life. We still need to raise $100,000.
  • Create a 15 second video with a message about how you practice radical belief.
  • Wear a patch that says "not alone," take a selfie, and share on social media with a statement about how you practice radical belief.
  • Replace your profile picture with our red Not Alone square for the weekend.
In Your Community
  • Hang a red square outside of your home or place of work to signal your participation.
  • Make a quilt for yourself to keep, with a statement about radical belief.

Remember to use our hashtags when sharing on social media: #notalone #monumentquilt #radicalbelief.

In order for survivors to heal, we must believe ourselves, and be believed and supported by our communities. 

Radical Belief is as an action. Belief is the practice of trust, faith and/or confidence in someone. We can help build a new tradition of affirming and uplifting survivors, rather than shaming them. The work starts with understanding how we practice belief with ourselves and others.

Take action May 31-June 2 by demonstrating the revolutionary act of radical belief and being part of this historic event.

#NotAlone #monumentquilt
#NoEstásSolx #monumentodehistorias
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