Demand a Fair Dress Code to All!

    When you interrupt a girl's school day to force her to change clothes or send her home because her shorts are too short, her bra strap is showing, or her shoulders are visible, YOU are telling her that making sure boys have a "distraction free" learning environment is more important than her education. Instead of shaming girls for their body, a thing that they cannot control, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects. Changing this dress code means a lot to females all across the school. We are asking for things like tank tops to be allowed, and leggings, and things like that. We aren't wearing these clothes to bring attention to our body or to show off, we're just trying to be comfortable. You're teaching boys to be comfortable with their bodies, but why not girls? What a girl wears does not, and WILL NOT dictate her intelligence or respect from others. Stand Up For Girls Across Our Neighborhood and Sign The Petition to Make a Change!
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