Justice for Bayview Coyote! Protect Toronto Area Coyotes

  • van: Nicole Corrado
  • ontvanger: City of Toronto, Toronto Police, Toronto Animal Services, Toronto Public Health

On November 22, 2021, Toronto Police shot a female coyote, who was then tested for rabies.  The rabies test is barbaric, and not legally or medically necessary.  The current intramuscular vaccines are safe, and often used without testing the animal.  We would like Toronto Public Health to vaccinate people and animals who are bitten, instead of having wild animals who bite killed for rabies testing.

She was likely being fed by people, and she bit two people in Bayview Villiage Park in Toronto. According to animal rights groups, the coyote seemed healthy, and was not aggressive.  The human injuries where minor.  (Dogs in Toronto who cause minor bites are handled in a non lethal way).

We would like the city to work with www.coyotewatchcanada.com and www.torontowildlifecentre.com to educate the public and train animals to avoid people.  If this is not possible, we would like animals to be relocated with a permit.

Earlier this year, a nuisance coyote in a Toronto cemetery was darted and relocated to a legitimate captive sanctuary (Aspen Valley Wildlife Centre).


We would like to see Toronto maintain a 100% non lethal approach to human coyote conflicts.  We would also like Toronto's wildlife feeding ban expanded to the entire city (currently the feeding ban only applies to City property.). Feeding bans are very effective in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Killing coyotes never works, as seen in this other petition regarding Vancouver's Stanley Park's lethal approach to fed coyotes biting people.


Update #22 maanden geleden
Today, Toronto Police shot a female coyote after minor bite incidents. .Please email animalservices@toronto.ca and corporatecommunications@torontopolice.on.ca and ask that they no longer kill coyotes as a response to coyotes biting people.
Update #15 maanden geleden
Partial VICTORY! The Toronto coyote has been rescued and brought to a permanent captive wildlife sanctuary. While we would have preferred he be able to stay in the wild, at least he is safe. (There is no update on the Oshawa coyotes).
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