Ban the Abusive Use of Animals in Circuses

  • van: Fabio G
  • ontvanger: Andalusian election candidates

Animal abuse in circuses remains a sad reality in Spain.

The last case has been found on the traveling circus Roma Dola, which is touring in Andalusia (Spain). Members of the Federation of Animal Protection Associations of Granada (Fegrapa) have checked it directly when visiting their facilities and they have found a terrible show: semi-abandoned toothless dirty dromedaries, ponies full of dirt and insects, lions tucked in cages of 1.5 m2, a hippopotamus permanently exposed to the sun.

It's a totally intolerable situation.

In Spain, only 4 autonomous communities (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Galicia and Murcia) have prohibited by law circuses that use animals in their shows. It's time for other Spanish communities to follow them.

Please sign this petition and ask candidates for the next Andalusian election to commit on banning the use of animals in circus shows

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