Save the lion: stop selling their body parts!

Despite diminishing lion populations, CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) recently agreed that the exporting of South African lion body parts could continue. 

Lions are one of the most admired animals on the planet, thanks to their unique beauty, incredible strength and affectionate social lives. Now, thanks to years of human greed and destruction, they are hanging on by a thread. Please sign this petition to help save lions from the extinction by demanding that CITES stop supporting the international trade of South African lion's body parts.

CITES accepts that the commercial breeding of tigers for body parts drives illegal poaching of tigers. Yet they are refusing to apply this same logic to lions. Lions are being bred like cattle, and the lucrative trade in their body parts encourages the ongoing, illegal dessimation of the species in the wild.

1,000 rangers have died in the last 10 years trying to protect lions from poaching. Lion species are in a spiralling decline. Please sign this petition to demand that CITES recognise the battle to protect lions as a species, and end support for the trading of lion's body parts. If enough people around the world sign this petition, the CITES members in each country will recognise that their citizens want them to take action.

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