Tell Amazon to improve worker conditions and wages

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

While small businesses around the country have folded, and millions of Americans are still unemployed, one major corporation is doing quite well: Amazon. CEO Jeff Bezos' personal income has grown from $73 billion to peaking over $200 billion since the start of the pandemic. And Bezos was the richest man in the world before COVID-19.

But Amazon's workers? They're struggling badly. Amazon is notoriously anti-union and aggressively union-busting. What's more, Amazon's anti-labor sentiments have caused many warehouses to flood with COVID outbreaks, with worker safety a lower priority than pushing through record sales.

Sign here to tell Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to meet worker demands for increased safety, pay, and allow unionization.

Amazon's warehouse employees are essential workers – ask anyone who has switched to online purchases to stay safe at home this year.

But despite Bezos' unimaginable gain in personal wealth, Amazon's employees only received a temporary $2/hour wage increase earlier this year (which was then quickly removed) and are getting a pitiful $300 holiday bonus...the tiniest fraction of what these workers have brought the company in income gains to Amazon as they risk their lives.

Amazon workers deserve better.

Add your name to demand Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos answers workers calls for boosted pay, safety measures, and unionization.

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