Rename Calgary International Airport to the Stephen J. Harper International Airport

As Prime Minister Harper was the longest serving Prime Minister from Western Canada, let us honour his accomplishments by re-renaming the Calgary Airport in his honour.

Dear Mr. Garth Atkinson,

     Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the longest serving Prime Minister's from Western Canada. Prime Minister Harper represeted to the world the best that Canada and more specifically Calgary has to offer.  

     For his nine plus years of service to the country, we believe that that a permanent recognition of his accomplishments needs to be made.  Therefore, we are asking that the Calgary International Airport be renamed the Stephen J Harper International Airport.

Update #25 jaar geleden
It has been an AMAZING week. Since this was started, approx 7,500 people have signed the petition, and it has been forwarded more than 12,500 times on Facebook. The momentum that we have created has allowed us to earn media attention nation wide.

I ask you to keep up the good work that we have started and continue to let your friends know about this very worthwhile initiative.

Thank you for all of your hard work and all of your assistance.
Update #15 jaar geleden
This has been an AMAZING first day. Thanks to all of you, this petition has been forwarded more than 3,500 times on Facebook and more than 950 individuals have signed the petition !!
Please continue your hard work so that we will be able accomplish this honour for Prime Minister Harper.
Thank you again.
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