Demand That Facebook Increase Enforcement of Animal Sales Ban

Facebook policy prohibits the sale of animals on its site, but unfortunately, loopholes allow backyard breeders and animal flippers (people who "adopt" animals for free or small rehoming fees and them sell them for a profit) to continue to use the platform. For example, listings posted in a sale format are able to be reported as an animal sale, but if a post is not in sale format, the only reporting options under "unauthorized sales" are weapons or drugs. Another loophole used by breeders is the term "rehoming fee", which is intended to be a small adoption fee and drastically different than the several hundreds of dollars being charged for for-profit animals. Loopholes must be closed, and animal breeders removed from Facebook.

Facebook has made great first steps in the #adoptdontshop movement and in shutting down dangerous puppy mills and backyard breeders, but loopholes like these must be cracked down on to ensure animal safety in communities across the world.

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