Mandatory Vaccination in Canada

  • van: Anonymous
  • ontvanger: Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada)

A Man will start off by sharing his story with you. On Sunday March 13th, 2016 my 14 month old son, who is a brain cancer patient was at home enjoying a regular day at home. During this time he was and still is neutropenic (meaning he has no white blood cells) to fight infection and is compromised to attract viruses easily. That evening he spiked a fever of over 38.5C. When this happens the protocol is to report to the ER to get hooked up to antibiotics and when a bed is available placed on to the oncology floor. This protocol in itself is one issue, but not the issue I wish to put forth on this petition. We were advised yesterday by the infectious disease control team that when Liam was in the ER on Sunday evening he was exposed to the measles virus. This is now 5 days later. We met with infectious disease to get an understanding of how this possibly happened. A small child under the age of 1 travelled to another country with family and as a result of no vaccination contracted the measles virus and brought it back to Canada. One might say what are the chances that my child and this child were in the ER at the exact same time. I would think pretty slim. However, the risk is there and it did happen. At current time my child isn't showing symptoms and we will not know fully until the end of the 21 day incubation period of this virus. The infectious disease team along with the oncology team administered an ivig (IV Immunoglobulin) which is a blood product containing antibodies against the virus. We are hopeful that it will work. We are praying hard so that our child do not contract this airborne virus. Purpose of this petition: Under the Canadian Constitution it is not mandatory to vaccinate. This needs to change. The movement of people who are now choosing to not vaccinate are bringing these dreaded and sometimes deadly viruses back to Canada. The people who choose to not vaccinate have other beliefs and values. I can rest assure that life in itself is far more important than any other belief that one may have in making a choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate. Not only as a parent who makes this choice putting another child at risk, People who are Anti-Vaxxers are putting the lives of others at risk greatly. It's ok for people to make choices in life. However, if the choice can ultimately impact someone else there needs to be laws are regulations to govern choices that are made.

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