Charge the Texas Border Patrol for shooting a Mexican across the border!

  • van: OD Action
  • ontvanger: United States Department of Justice

An innocent Mexican man playing sports was recently shot from across the border by a member of the Texas National Guard.  There should absolutely be NO use of lethal force in Governor Abbott's "Operation Lone Star!" We have seen time and time again just how vile Abbott's border operations are, and it is well past time to shut them all down.  

From chainsaw buoys in the river to stray bullets at a sports game, Operation Lone Star seems to reach new lows every few days. They must be investigated and charged for the horrors they are inflicting. 

Add your name to demand the stray bullet incident at the border be immediately investigated and charges filed! 

We have heard increasingly terrifying accounts of what is happening in Texas, to the point where a state trooper wrote an anonymous letter trying to call attention to Abbott's inhumanity. How many more people have to be maimed, killed, and traumatized until something is done to protect them? 

The National Guard has yet to comment on the incident, but we don't have to wait for comment to know what needs to happen. Operation Lone Star needs to be immediately investigated for its negligence — or maliciousness — and charges need to be filed. 

Sign now to demand the National Guard be charged for shooting a Mexican!

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