Stop Nestlé's Theft of Six Nations Water!

  • van: Freya H
  • ontvanger: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

People who live in the Six Nations of the Grand River indigenous reserve in Ontario have no access to running water. Residents must drive as far as 8km to a public tap to fill up. This water isn't potable, so they must drive to the nearest town, Caledonia, to buy bottled water to drink. Ninety-one percent of the homes in this community aren't connected to the water treatment plant, and some have no water at all. Others have water in their taps, but it is too polluted to drink. Many residents try to supplement what they can get with rainwater.

Meanwhile, the beverage company Nestlé extracts millions of litres of water daily from Six Nations treaty land.

This is unacceptable. The residents of Six Nations are fully entitled to easy access to clean, potable water - and they are entitled to use the water from their land. They did not approve Nestlé's pumping, and they continue to speak out against it.

The time is long, long overdue for Canada to address the various water crises that First Nations peoples face. Ottawa can start by revoking Nestlé's permit to take - i.e., steal - water from Six Nations land.

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