Israel Must Allow Fuel into Gaza and Lift the Blockade Before More Civilians Die

The people of Gaza are currently trapped in the midst of a devastating humanitarian crisis. Israel's attacks are wiping out entire families in Gaza, and nowhere is safe. So far, 3,000 children have been killed and the death toll has reached 7,000. How can anyone be okay with this?

In the heart of the devastation and chaos, a critical lifeline is on the verge of being severed. The essential fuel needed to operate emergency services, hospitals, and aid distribution is dangerously low, threatening to extinguish the only glimmer of hope for countless civilians. This includes threatening the lives of dozens of premature babies hooked up to incubators.

Sign the petition to demand Israel approves the delivery of fuel to Gaza and end the illegal blockade! 

Israel's relentless carpet bombing and indiscriminate attacks amount to collective punishment, which are war crimes. As the occupying power, Israel must ensure the basic needs of Gaza's population are met, according to international law. However, the state is doing the exact opposite. In its constant attacks, Israel has "shown a shocking disregard for civilian lives," according to Amnesty International's Secretary General.

The fuel shortage is affecting even the most equipped organizations in Gaza. The main United Nations agency in Gaza, UNRWA, has sounded the alarm on the desperate need for fuel. In the absence of this crucial resource, they are unable to distribute lifesaving aid. 

So far, only 20 trucks worth of aid have been allowed into Gaza. According to the UNRWA, 500 trucks per day had been entering Gaza before the most recent attacks started. 

Nothing excuses Hamas' horrific attacks and war crimes against Israeli civilians. In the same exact way, nothing excuses the disproportionate response and continued war crimes that Israel is committing against the people of Gaza.

In the future when they ask about the genocide of Palestinians, will you be able to say you fought for what is right? As we bear witness to this heartbreaking reality, we must act now to prevent further loss of innocent lives. 

Sign the petition to demand Israel allow lifesaving resources into Gaza and lift the illegal blockade!

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