Tell Nebraska’s governor to pardon the mother and teen facing JAIL TIME for an abortion!

In a terrifying glimpse of the future awaiting women in red states, a 17-year-old and her mother in Nebraska are on trial for inducing an abortion and burying the fetal remains.

After someone tipped off the police, Celeste Burgess told them that she'd had a miscarriage — but the police then subpoenaed her Facebook messages. Meta handed the chats over without objection, revealing that her mother Jessica helped obtain the abortion pills.

Tell Nebraska to leave Celeste alone!

Celeste was charged as an adult and pleaded guilty; her mother also plead guilty and now they BOTH face up to two years in prison. The daughter will be sentenced on July 20th, while her mother will be sentenced on September 22.

The abortion was administered BEFORE Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. For the state to punish a mother for helping her daughter exercise agency over her own body is beyond the pale; it's up to Governor Jim Pillen to do the right thing and pardon them both before it's too late.

Tell Nebraska's governor to pardon the mother and teen facing JAIL TIME for an abortion!

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