Shut down House of Reptiles

Update: The chinchilla has been rescued. She was sedated and her teeth trimmed. She was starving to death because the teeth were growing into the roof of her mouth and she could not eat. She is not out of the woods yet, but is expected to pull through. There are many other animals left that need our help. 

The proper authorities are being notified and with your help we will be able to give these animals the justice they deserve. This will be presented to multiple authorities along with all the gathered pictures, videos and paperwork. This is my first go at this, but I am doing all I can and will continue this path. 


It is with a broken heart that I create this petition. I rarely go to pet stores and I now know why my son and I walked into this one. These animals need our help! 

The first thing we noticed was the smell from this store hits you in the face as you approach the door, this isn't normal reptile smell. This is mixture of ammonia and unclean stench. We walk in and down the first isle and my son is ready to leave. The sight of these animals was already heart breaking. The second thing we notice is the heat. I know reptiles don't do well in cold, but that's what heat lamps and temperature regulators are for. 

The first isle has lizard breeds, these aquariums are covered in filth from the lack of circulation and cleanings. The water bowls are slimy and muddy if there is any water at all. 
The larger breeds are in aquariums which are too small for their size. 

Let's venture to the back island of cages. In this area we see an opossum sleeping in the open laying in its own filth. Yes, I get these creatures may do this in their own dens but this animal is in a cage, that a human placed it in. Again, no sign of food or water. Directly above this cage sits a lonely chinchilla sitting in a prayer position with no adequate chew toys for its teeth, no food,no water and no where to hide which is what Chinchillas do. 

Let's keep walking, we see turtles sitting in slimy water, larger turtles unable to move at all for the lid had fallen into the tank. Again, no water or food anywhere. At this time, the stench has my stomach churning. 

On the last isle we come across a pig laying in a square box aquarium. This poor pig had no water or food and was swarming with flies. It's skin was not healthy looking in any way. 

I have returned to this store to see how the animals looked, maybe I showed up on a REALLY off day. NOPE, the animals are still neglected and the chinchilla now is not eating and drooling everywhere for the owner says its teeth are overgrown and he doesn't know how to "CUT" them. 

I did snap some pictures but with trying to be sneaky they didn't come out the clearest. Please help us close this store permanently and find justice and loving forever homes for these animals.

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