Pledge to vote early this election!

Due to Trump's sabotage of USPS, our mail is moving slower. Coupled with his legally-unfounded declaration that the election must be decided night-of (no matter how many absentee ballots are left uncounted) and we've got all the ingredients for a president who refuses to leave office.

Our cleanest path through this election is a decisive victory for Biden on November 3rd. But our voters, who actually believe in COVID-19, are much more likely to vote absentee and thus risk being uncounted. The solution: VOTE EARLY.

Sign your name to pledge to VOTE EARLY – whether it's sending back your ballot as soon as it arrives, or visiting the polls prior to November 3rd. Check your state's rules for requesting an absentee ballot and early in-person voting!

Early in-person voting and mail-in ballots will lift the burden on understaffed polling locations (we're facing poll worker shortages due to the pandemic) and increase safety for all.

If your state allows you to vote absentee, make sure you mail it by October 26th or earlier. If you can't, it's vital that you deliver it in-person to a polling site or ballot drop on Election Day.

Add your name to pledge to VOTE EARLY this November - don't let your absentee ballot go uncounted!

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