Defend Our Seas from Marine Debris

  • van: Kim B
  • ontvanger: US House of Representatives

If you live on the coast then you have most likely seen the plastics and other debris that sometimes washes up on shore. That plastic is more than an eyesore. 80 percent of marine debris originated on solid land. That means that all of us, no matter if we live on the coasts or inland have a stake in keeping our oceans clean since there is an extremely high chance that every bottle, plastic wrapper or tin can we don't recycle will end up in our oceans.

Plastics, in particular, are extremely dangerous to our ocean environments and are now so prevalent in our seas that studies suggest that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

Ocean plastic debris is a serious problem, aside from polluting your favorite beaches, they also pose a threat to sea life. Exposed to the elements, plastics can quickly break down creating microplastics which travel through the marine ecosystem poisoning more than 800 different species, many of them are fish that we eat. Never mind the seabirds that mistake small plastic debris for food and die.

In order to combat plastic pollution on our shores and in our seas the Senate has unanimously passed the Save Our Seas Act. The bill provides funding for plastic cleanup in our oceans and on our beaches and funds education programs and studies aimed at reducing marine debris in our waterways.

In a political environment where our real environment has often lost out, it is a surprisingly positive move from our lawmakers.

But the Senate is only half the battle, the House still has to pass it as well. We must take our oceans' health seriously and let our representatives know what we want them to do the same. Please sign the petition and tell your representative that you want them to pass the Save our Seas Act in 2018.

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