Justification on animal cruelty!

    In 1876, the bill "A person commits the offense of cruelty to animals if, without justification, the person knowingly or negligently subjects an animal to mistreatment or neglect by:overworking, beating, tormenting, torturing, injuring, or killing the animal;carrying or confining the animal in a cruel manner; failing to provide an animal in the person's custody with: food and water of sufficient quantity and quality to sustain the animal's normal health; minimum protection for the animal from adverse weather conditions, with consideration given to the species; in cases of immediate, obvious, serious illness or injury, licensed veterinary or other appropriate medical care; abandoning any helpless animal or abandoning any animal on any highway, railroad, or in any other place where it may suffer injury, hunger, or exposure or become a public charge; or promoting, sponsoring, conducting,or participating in an animal race of more than 2 miles, except a sanctioned endurance race" was passed. 142 years, this law is still in place. Our community needs to get the government attention. Getting away with animal abuse, by justifying your actions, is unacceptable. Human to human, abuse is not tolerated, and severe punishments are always put into place for the guilty, if justifiable or not. Why should human to animal abuse be treated any different? Sign our petition today, to stop the nonsense, and revise the law.
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