Justice For Sprocket: 6Mo. Puppy Attacked By Minor

  • van: Laura W
  • ontvanger: Lawton O.K. Comanche County District Attorney Fred Smith

Sprocket was in his own fenced in yard enjoying his day when an 8yr old boy entered the yard and coaxed Sprocket to him! This boy then began to slam him to the ground, throw him in the air letting him fall to the ground, Repeatedly punched Sprocket, and beat him with a bat, then hid him under a shed with a large concrete block on top of him! This was all caught on video the boy was identified and a court date has been set for Oct. 29, 2018 We need to push for justice for Sprocket! Both of his back legs were Shattered! He has had multiple surgeries and is now recovering well! Such a young child and such a violent attack it won't be long before he escalates to humans! Please sign this petition to District Attorney Fred Smith of Lawton O.K. Comanche County to prosecute this boy and his parents to the fullest as well as, file for a court ordered In Patient stay in a Psychological facility for a complete mental evaluation and treatment for the minor!  Thank You

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