A Woman Cruelly Threw Her Dog off a Cliff. Justice for Zoe!

In a heart-wrenching act of cruelty, an innocent bulldog named Zoe was thrown off a cliff in New South Wales, Australia, leading to her tragic death. Zoe deserved better. Her former owner is being charged with animal torture and severe cruelty, but we must ensure that this person can never be near an animal again.

Sign the petition to demand a lifetime ban on animal ownership for Zoe's abuser!

Zoe's suffering came to light when a bushwalker, alerted by her desperate yelps, discovered her in an upside-down cage at the base of a cliff, emaciated and barely alive. Despite immediate efforts to save her, Zoe's injuries were too severe, and she had to be euthanized. 

We must stand together to ensure that this case results in justice for Zoe and a safer future for all animals. It is imperative that individuals capable of such cruelty are not only held accountable but are also permanently prevented from harming another animal. 

Sign the petition to stand with us in demanding that Zoe's killer receives a lifetime ban on animal ownership!

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