Alaska's Inhumane Predator Control Program Is Needlessly Slaughtering Wolves and Bears

The Alaska Board of Game has extended it's predator control program, resulting in the murder of numerous bears and wolves -- 94 brown bears, five black bears, and five wolves -- in just May and June. These actions, meant to boost caribou calf survival, lack scientific evidence and severely disrupt Alaska's ecosystems by slaughtering innocent wildlife.

Sign the petition to demand that Alaska end harmful predator control programs and adopt ethical wildlife management!

The Board of Game, which is composed of six governor-appointed men and one woman who are hunters and big game guides instead of scientists, made the decision to extend the predator control program meant to kill bears and wolves.

It's ridiculous that the law that currently allows for this program is from 1994. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game should adopt wildlife management strategies rooted in science, not outdated policies. Why was this decision made without public consultations and independent scientific reviews?

Alaska requires a holistic wildlife-management approach that respects its complex ecosystems. Lawsuits have already been filed to stop the killing program; now it's time for the state to reevaluate its strategy.

Sign the petition to demand ethical, science-based wildlife management in Alaska and stop this unnecessary predator control program!

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