End animal slaughter now!

    Over 56 billion innocent animals get slaughtered every year for us to enjoy.

    cows: dairy cows are forcefully impregnated, live in harsh environments, have their calves taken away from them and killed, and that's only a couple of the things. next is pigs...

    Pigs: pigs are brutally beaten, slaughtered, have horrible infections, their piglets are taken away and slited in the throat, they live in super small enclosures. So small that they can't even turn around, their piglets are usually trampled, and once again that's only some of the things.

    Chickens: you know those chicken nuggets that say "free range" and "no antibiotics" yeah well they are hardcore lying to you. Those "free range" chickens are actually in a barn with thousands of other chickens, some are dead, some can't walk, some can't see, Heck even have 3 legs and 5 wings! They often die from infections, not being able to get to the food/water because their are so many that they can't move around etc.

    Please help make a change by signing this petition and making people realize that animals have feelings to, that they feel sadness when their baby is taken away/killed, that you realize that by what you're eating is causing the pain of billions of animals... go vegan­čî▒
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