Demand Ford to disassociate the Mach E with the Mustang brand!

    Sign this petition to stop Ford from naming the Mach E a Mustang. Ford just announced their new electric SUV. They originally named it that Mach 1 which they later realised was a disgrace to the original Mach 1. Ford has changed it to the Mach E; however, Ford is still associating this electric milf mobile with the Mustang brand. They posted images of the SUV with the Pony logo on the front and back. An SUV should never be associated with mustang. I like the concept of the vehicle however I don’t appreciate it taking on the mustang name. It is a disgrace to the mustang legacy and no company has disrespected its loyal customers like Ford just did. Sign this petition to stop Ford from calling the Mach E a Mustang.
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