We Need a Farm Bill That Doesn't Eliminate Environmental Reviews

  • van: Judy Molland
  • ontvanger: Mitch McConnell, Leader of the Senate; Paul Ryan, Leader of the House

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, already facing several federal investigations, has sunk to a new low.

The man who is a prominent figure in Trump's plan to roll back environmental regulations is using deadly fires in California to push for weakened environmental rules in forests, which would pave the way for more logging.

But Zinke's so-called solutions for the wildfire crisis could actually worsen the risk of wildfire.

An amendment in the Farm Bill, which is likely to pass soon, calls for the elimination of environmental reviews in forests on federal land. The Trump administration would be free to do whatever they choose, including logging. This would be a disaster for our federal lands.

Please sign this petition, calliing on Congress to remove this amendment from the Farm Bill.

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