We Are Their VOICE/Kimmy's Fight for Change!!!

    Kimmy's Safe Haven Rescue will shut down
    by Twp. if changes are not made!!!
    We are a local rescue in Little Egg Harbor Twp. Helping animal's in need and supplying them with food, medical , surgeries ,warmth and love until they find a forever home. We have many fostering families including Kimmy that give these animals a safe temporary place called home. Out of the shelters and in a home, free from being abandoned, abused, neglected and some not ever standing a chance in the shelter world. Support Kimmy's Safe Haven Rescue by signing our petition for Little Egg Harbor Twp. Codes to be updated and for rescues 501c3 non profit organization not to be labelled / regulated and have the same restrictions as a residential property. Residents of Little Egg Harbor Twp stand together with Kimmys Safe Haven and can save animals from shelters and taxpayers dollars. By joining us in fostering these unfortunate animal's looking for forever homes. Instead of the sheltered life and being euthanized because shelters run out of room,seniors, family wants a new puppy etc... Due to these regulations families are unable to help rescues. Many other surrending towns have the opportunity to help make a difference for these animals by adopting and fostering. With theses changes in Little Egg Harbor Twp we also will be able to help the animals in need and save taxpayers dollars from shelter expenses for our community. Little Egg Harbor Twp will stand together for our animals rights.
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