Texas's Abortion Ban Could Kill People With Pregnancy-Related Medical Emergencies

Over a dozen women are now a part of a historic lawsuit against the state of Texas. These brave women are standing against the state government -- one that is increasingly resembling Gilead in The Handmaid's Tale -- to demand access to reproductive care. Together, the women are arguing that the state put their health or lives at risk by not allowing them to receive abortions.

Sign the petition now to tell Texas legislators to repeal this state's regressive, authoritarian abortion bans!

In theory, the current abortion bans in the state make an exception for medically necessary abortions. But many medical providers in Texas, as well as other U.S. states with similar abortion restrictions, say they do not feel safe providing abortions, even ones that are technically legal. That is no accident: the state has worked hard to intentionally impose significant punishments to medical providers who offer abortions. In addition to hefty fines, doctors who offer abortions can lose their medical licenses or even face prison time. These are scare tactics to push all abortion providers out of the state, plain and simple.

The Texas abortion bans have made the state intentionally hostile to all people who seek abortions -- even medically necessary ones. These bans are working exactly as planned, and if the law continues to stand as is, pregnant people who need abortions to live will die. We must push Texas legislators to repeal these bans immediately! Sign the petition now if you agree!
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