Save this Bambi from the butcher

How indecent can a person be ?

Stop this belgian woman who has the intention to eat her baby deer on Easter Sunday 2018. She is asking money 1.000.000 $ !!! to save her bambi from the butcher, otherwise she will cook and eat her bambi next year. This is really a sick mind. She launched following website :   Indecent Proposal

It's really disgusting

I believe that a baby deer is more than just a thing to be used and exploited as this woman wishes. I believe that this Bambi should be treated with love and care and that she has no right to cook and eat this baby deer.

That's why I will contact the hosting company to ban her website from the intenet and deny her the fame she is looking for. So time has come to react now. With your help we can save this bambi from her butcher

petitie tekenen
petitie tekenen
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