Stop Wolf Trophy Hunting Near Yellowstone National Park!

  • van: Dr. Tony Povilitis
  • ontvanger: Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission, Dan Vermillion, Chairman

Please sign this petition to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission to close an area immediately bordering Yellowstone National Park to wolf trophy hunting and trapping this fall. The petition also calls for permanent cross-boundary protection for park wolves. 

Last year, three wolves were legally shot in this area, called wolf hunting Unit 313. Just recently, a poacher in or near this same area mortally wounded the beloved park wolf known as White Lady.

Wolf trophy hunting and trapping near Yellowstone National Park is a threat to these critical wild animals. During the last hunting season alone as many as seven park wolves were killed in these Montana hunts.

The deadline for comments on the upcoming Montana wolf hunting season is May 31, 2017. We will send this petition with a list of people who signed it to the Commission before that date.

Kind regards,

Dr. Tony Povilitis for Campaign for Yellowstone's Wolves, Life Net NatureLegend of Lamar Valley, and Heart of the Wild Yellowstone


Petition to the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission (Mr. Dan Vermillion, Chair) We request that Montana's wolf hunting Unit 313, located immediately to the north of Yellowstone National Park, be closed to wolf hunting and trapping for fall 2017 and winter 2018. We also request that the Commission promptly take measures to end trophy killing of park wolves more broadly along Montana’s boundary with Yellowstone National Park. In 2016-17, the hunting quota for wolves in Unit 313, set by the Commission at two, was exceeded by one. And in April of this year, the alpha female of Yellowstone Park’s Canyon wolf family was mortally wounded in or near Unit 313.  The unintended loss of these two wolves under the quota system justifies our request that wolf hunting/trapping in Unit 313 this fall and winter be dropped to zero instead of the quota of two. More generally, we also wish to express our unequivocal opposition to wolf trophy hunting and trapping near Yellowstone National Park. During the last hunting season alone as many as seven park wolves were killed in these Montana hunts. We trust that the Commission understands the uniqueness of park wolves, wolf families, and lineages, their great significance to park visitors and people across the U.S. and internationally, and their exceptional scientific, educational, aesthetic, natural history, economic, and touristic values. We hope that the Commission understands the seriousness of the stakeholder conflict and the damage to Montana’s reputation caused by trophy hunting and trapping of wolves in the Yellowstone area, particularly as these practices are allowed and encouraged elsewhere across most of the state. In sum, we respectfully request that you close Unit 313 to wolf hunting and trapping this fall and winter, and pursue measures to permanently end wolf trophy hunting and trapping near Yellowstone National Park. Thank you.
Update #36 jaar geleden
Thank you, muchas gracias, merci, danke, grazie, Спасибо, 谢谢, and “thank you” in so many other languages! Whether you are from the USA or another country, you have made this petition for Yellowstone wolves a success.
One hundred forty thousand signatures in just 2.5 weeks! Today, I will be sending them to the Montana Wildlife Commission.
Blessings and best wishes to you all!
Dr. Tony

Update #26 jaar geleden
Hello Dear Friends:
We have gone past 112,000 supporters! THANKS TO YOU!
The petition is going to have a very favorable impact for Yellowstone's wolves.
I am hoping for at least 150,000 signatures before submitting it to Montana wildlife commissioners.
Dr. Tony
PS . For more on my campaign to protect Yellowstone wolves visit:
Update #16 jaar geleden
I want to wholeheartedly thank all of you for getting this petition off to a great start. Keep sharing and together we'll exceed all expectations! Have a good day, Dr. Tony
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