End the Fatal Experiments on Dogs

    The government has given the “okay” to experiment on dogs to try to find new ways to treat wounded soldiers.
    These experiments will be taking the section of the brain that controls the breathing. They will also sever spinal cords to test the cough reflex. They will also implant pacemakers before triggering abnormal heart rhythms.
    Documents seen by the paper show the VA is currently carrying out nine experiments on dogs in four different facilities.
    Some are saying this is the only way for medical breakthroughs for these treatments. Others are saying it is incredibly wrong for people to experiment and kill dogs to find treatments.
    The VA who has said that more then 99% of their animal testing had been on rats and mice, said that dogs remain crucial to these experiments.
    When asked about the medical progress that has been made, the agency’s spokesperson could only point to breakthroughs that happened in the 1960’s.

    All of the dogs involved will be euthanized.

    This has to come to an end
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    petitie tekenen
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