Children Are Dying From a Totally Preventable Household Occurrence!

We couldn't believe it when we heard it: children in our state of Illinois are dying from hot water burns even though it's totally preventable. There is a simple part that can attach to hot water heaters that would prevent scalding hot water from entering homes, and it's only $15! But water heater companies only offer it on their high-end products, meaning that lower income families are most at risk for this tragedy. 

There is a bill in Illinois that would require all water heaters to have the part that prevents the scalding water, will you join us in asking the legislature to pass it quickly?

The law is named Mikayla's law after a sweet 18 month old got third degree burns from 165 degree water coming out of the bathtub tap. She was airlifted to the hospital, received 19 surgeries, including ampulating her finger tips and one of her legs. Ultimately, Mikayla died of her injuries. 

Because the part of the water heater that makes sure water coming out is not dangerously hot is only offered on high-end appliances, the folks most at risk may already be living in poverty. Many times it's likely that they are renters and their landlords are just too cheap to pay the extra $15 to keep them safe. That's why we need a law that requires every single water heater to have this protective attachment. 

No child or family should be at risk of this kind fo easily preventable accident and Illinois can make it happen by passing Mikayla's law. Please sign on to encourage them to do it now!
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