• van: Taraya Bratton
  • ontvanger: To allow him to further he's coaching career/passion

As we all know something very unfortunate has happened to our friend,coach,teacher, and mentor Maurice Simmons. Many of us know this great man to be Coach Simmons or Coach Reese and can all reflect on how he has positively affected our lives in some way. This petition is to show support towards him and vouch for him being an amazing teacher and coach. Mr. Simmons has always respected, love, and cared for all of his students like they were his own which is why this one situation does not define him nor his character as a whole. His actions were not right but his actions should not result in his job, which he loves, being taken away nor being charged with child endangerment or assault. Coach Simmons has been employed for several years and has never show any signs of endangerment towards any student, he was more so known of his sense of humor, caring heart, love for coaching, and motivating his students academically/ pushing us towards success. By signing this petition, we could potentially help Coach Simmons in some way. Also please share to show you care. He wasn't voted TEACHER OF THE YEAR FOR NOTHING. 

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