Stop development long enough to Rethink Storm water Management


    In Laurel Park and Marlboro and surrounding neighborhoods. we need the results of the Wambaw drainage study before access is granted for any further developments to tie into the storm water, sewage and roads , infrastructure systems, In conversations with others we find this to be necessary with ALL JAMES ISLANDERS WHO PAY TAXES) , We need a Moratorium for all James Island until ....

    1. All 10 Island Basins need to be prioritized for study.
    2. Wambaw and Signal Pt Basins need to have water runoff flooding and drainage protection plans in effect.
    3. City’s new Storm Water Management Standards Manual needs to be finalized and adopted. 

    Regardless of whether we believe global warming is causing flooding or not, the fact remains that water does not perc through pavement. We should not be building under current Storm Water Management regulations because they have proved to be insufficient to protect neighboring properties.

    Is it too much to ask that we all stretch our intellect to understand that we must slow down, regroup, and have wiser methods of controlling growth . We are still in a first world country in South Carolina, and it is my understanding that our county pays the highest taxes in the state of South Carolina.
    Thank you for your consideration
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