Warner Bros, We Want A 'Crazy Rich Asians' Sequel

Crazy Rich Asians is poised to be #1 at the Box Office this weekend and I for one couldn't be more excited!

Not only is the movie fantastic but the film features an all-Asian cast, something that hasn't happened in Hollywood since 1993 when I was just a baby!

As a Taiwanese Filipino woman born and raised on American media, the presence of Asian characters in films and television shows that didn't lead with martial arts or racist cliche were limited at best. This groundbreaking film and its success at the box office harkens a new era of representation for Asian actors in film and now is the time to capitalize on it and make sure it grows.

That is why I am asking Warner Brothers to greenlight a sequel to Crazy Rich Asians.

The adventures of Rachel Chu, Nick Young and the other bigger than life characters as they navigate Asian high society would be perfect fodder for a second film and there is already a built-in audience.

Please join me by signing my petition calling on Warner Brothers to greenlight a sequel to Crazy Rich Asians.

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