Don't close René Stricklers wild animal park in Switzerland!

  • van: David Kiser
  • ontvanger: Espace Real Estate Holding AG

René Strickler is a worldknown animal Tamer; Since the 1970ies he is one of the world best wild animal Tamer; he's unique gift to interact with Tigers; Lions; Bears; Cougars; Panthers made him known all over the world. Since Eleven years he has settled down with his animal friends in Switzerland; where he has rent a zone from the Espace Real Estate AG: Now this Owner of the Zone wants to sell it; so René Strickler might lose his lifework and his beloved animals; they will be shooted if there is no solution to this problem. For all those of you who are thinking they should go to a sanctuary; this is their home; their shelter; their sanctuary. So please do not write such naive comments. René Strickler is in a deep soul connection with his animal friends; and that has nothing to do with all that cruel animal tamering in less developped states.
Please sign this Pedition that goes to Espace Real Estate Holding AG; show them that there are people out there who care about life. Thank you

Note: I've read some comments about closing this pedition; because some folks are thinking that this animals suffer in that animal park and they should go to a sanctuary. Only very naive people think in that scheme. This animal park is there sanctuary; thats their home; thats their shelter. If you blame René Strickler not loving; not doing the best for his animal friends then please leave this page as soon as possible and don't write naive comments that have nothing to do with what it is about.OK? Thank you

Dear Real Estate Holding AG

Money does not replace life; a building does not replace nature.

René Strickler is one of world's best animal tamer; since the 1070ies he uses his extraordinary gift to interact with animals for a celebrating purpose: the interaction of men and the wild.

You rent him a zone; where he settled down since eleven years; in Subingen Solothurn Switzerland. Now you offered him to buy it; or to leave it. If he has to leave; he will lose his lifework and his beloved animals.

We are the people out there; we are the people who care about life.

We want you to find with René Strickler a solution; a solution that is a celebration of his unique gift; of his work and of life itself.

Thank you for fiding a right solution; in which his work can continue.


David Kiser

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