Demand Michael Turney go to trial for the death of Alissa Turney!

  • van: Sarah Turney
  • ontvanger: Maricopa County Attorney's Office & The Phoenix Police Department

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When 17 year old Alissa Turney went missing from Phoenix in 2001, most agreed she had run away. As more facts about her life started to surface over the years, it now appears likely that she never made it far from her home. 

During their investigation, detectives had learned from Alissa's childhood friends that Alissa had told them that her step father Michael had tried sexually abusing her when she was younger.

Michael had surveillance cameras set up outside and inside the family home. All telephone communications in and out of the home were automatically recorded. Asked for the tapes of the day when Alissa disappeared, Michael told detectives he had reviewed eight hours of footage back in 2001 and decided for himself that there was nothing of interest. -

This petition is written by Alissa's sister, Sarah.  She says:

"There is monumental circumstancial evidence against Michael Turney for the molestation and murder of his step daughter, Alissa Turney. I just want a fair trial."

"Be there at the deathbed, and I will give you all of the honest answers you want to hear." - Michael Turney

"I'm just saying, hang around" - Michael Turney's responses to being questioned about killing his daughter.

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