This Copper Mine Threatens the Environment and Thousands of Livelihoods

  • van: Margherita B
  • ontvanger: Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway

Norway approved a controversial copper mining program this month, although the indigenous Sami reindeer shepherds and all environmental agencies strongly oppose it.

The new copper mine has become possible thanks to the melting of arctic ice, and Norway intends to make a profit out of it immediately. This will not only irreparably damage the fragile arctic underwater ecosystem, but it will also pollute nearby coastlines and ocean water — water that is home to many of the fish eaten worldwide and countless species of animals and plants.

Spawning grounds for coastal cod and summer grazing grounds for reindeer will be ruined, experts warn. And these all sustain the jobs and lives of thousands of people, indigenous and non. 

With protests stemming from all directions, we urge the Norwegian government to rethink their decision and go for a more sustainable, acceptable option that will not cause permanent damage to the environment and thousands of livelihoods.

Sign on to tell Norway you won't stand for them profiting on the destruction of the environment and the livelihoods of folks there!

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