Stop the destruction of Green Castle Hill in Antigua

Green Castle Hill often referred to as the Stonehenge of the Caribbean is being destroyed by quarry companies. Green Castle Hill also known as Mount Anu, unlike Stonehenge, is a natural formation caused by volcanic activity. The site has countless megalith stones that align with the stars and constellations as well as the solstices. Before colonialism, the natives of the Caribbean used this site for spiritual purposes. Since the 1960s Quarry companies have been destroying this wonder of the world. With its status on the National Parks list at a constant threat, Green Castle Hill needs your support in spreading the word about this important cultural site. We are asking people to contact the National Parks of Antigua (268)481-5021/22 to ensure that Green Castle Hill keeps its National Parks status. We are also asking people to contact the Antiguan government directly to urge them to immediately stop the destruction being done by quarry companies to this historic site. Governor General (268) 462-0003 Ministry of agriculture, lands, housing and environment (268) 462-1213 Ministry of tourism (268) 462-0480 Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Science and Technology (268) 562-1868

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