Pablo For Lt. Governor - Red - Michigan Youth In Government

Why do you want to run for this position?
This is Pablo's 4th and last year in the Youth In Government Program. Since starting, Pablo has found extreme love in the structural procedures because it ensures that every voice, even the unpopular ones, can have a platform. Pablo will ensure that you have a environment to not only share your opinion, but to thrive socially. Let's send him back to Lansing, lets vote for Pablo.

What other activities have you done that make you qualified to run for office?
Prior to running for Lt. Governor, Pablo received the Outstanding Committee Chair Award-Blue, and was successful in passing his proposal and bill in both CONA and MYIG respectively. This is Pablo s fourth attempt in running for leadership. Losing a Speaker of The House race in 2018, he came the next year to run once more and won! Pablo also ran an unsuccessful Governor Campaign. We need proven leaders now more than ever. Let's send him back to Lansing, lets vote for Pablo.

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