Please sign IF AGES 13-15 for a MANDATORY ambulance to be on site and all JH and HS football games.

Please sign petition to make it mandatory for an ambulance to be on site for all JH, JV and HS football games... in honor of RILEY BOATWRIGHT ­čĺÖ When people think of football excitement usually fills the air. I mean, who doesn't like the thought of fall weather & having an excuse to eat junk food while cheering on your favorite team/player. Football draws in more fans than any other American sport. What we do not often take time to think about is the dangers that come along with this popular sport. According to CDC, in an 8 year span, 2.7 million youth were treated in ER for sports related injuries while 173,285 of them were traumatic brain injuries. True, having an ambulance on site would not prevent an injury, but it most definitely would benefit in an injured child receiving immediate care that could be the difference in life and death.
Very recently our family list our precious Riley at the age of 13 years old do to an injury that occurred during a JH football game. This is something no parent ever expects as their child suits up for

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