Stop the suffering of the Cows of Kos

Please help the suffering Cows of Kos and the other farm animals, Tied, exposed to the burning sun in the summer and extreme weather conditions in the winter, without any shelter. Without water and food. By Greek law it is forbidden to keep animals this way. We want the  municipality of Kos to change this situation. With signing this petition we show them that together we care and disagree with the horrible way these animals are treated.

Thanks for signing and sharing this petition.

Please consider helping to achieve even more by sending an email to the municipality of Kos and telling them that the situation of the Cows of Kos has to change:

"I hope that you as the municiplity of Kos will understand that the situation with the suffering cows can't continue and will ensure that changes are made to improve the life of the Cows of Kos."

You can send it to:

Thank you so much for your support!

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petitie tekenen
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