Demand that sex offender registry be abolished.

I believe that the sex offender be free of registry. Knowing who did what isn't stopping anything. The real danger lies in the one's who haven't been caught. All the registry is doing is causing those offenders to commit new crimes, such as robbery, selling drugs, and possibly murder cause they can't find jobs, or places to live. I propose an alternative. If a registered sex offender has gone at least ten years with no more sex crimes or any other crime, he/she most likely isn't going to. That being said, they should have the right to live a normal crime free life. They shouldn't be pushed into committing a new crime, just so they can survive.  Jesus Christ hung around and died for all of us.  Just suppose He chose to only die for the righteous?  Heaven would be a very empty and lonely place because no one would be there.  We all sin and sin is wrong, but, the same God who made you made them to.  So, be if there is any ounce of humanity in you, than please sign this petition.

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