Let Precious Live!

    Precious, a beautiful and loving 6-year-old Pit Bull, was entrusted by her owner to someone who made horrific decisions on her care, leading to a legal situation that declared this sweet and peaceful dog “vicious”. As a result, Precious has been incarcerated at the Baldwin Park shelter since August 2017 - over a year - in which Precious is not allowed to be taken out of her kennel, nor is she allowed to socialize with volunteers. It is horribly inhumane for her to be kept in complete isolation. Yet Precious has remained sweet and friendly to people passing by, eager for attention and affection, a testament to her true nature. In fact, volunteers who have come to know Precious can attest she is not vicious or dangerous.

    The County of Los Angeles is seeking to euthanize Precious on October 3rd, 2018. Precious’ advocates have been fighting for her life and found permanent placement for Precious in a 501(c)3 sanctuary who is willing to rehabilitate Precious, committing to her training and care. We believe every living, breathing being deserves to live. We are offering an alternative to euthanasia for Precious and we need your help to convince the County’s Board of Supervisors to let Precious live. Please help us help this truly Precious life.
    Update #2Een jaar geleden
    OCT 3RD: The judge had a tentative decision to not overturn the administrative recommendation to euthanize Precious, but allowed our attorney to make her arguments to change his mind. He said he will take these arguments into consideration and did not render a ruling.
    OCT 4TH: While we wait to hear of Precious' fate, we were informed Precious is no longer in her kennel. We found out the County had moved Precious and refused to disclose her location, out of fear of "rioting"! This is wrong!!
    Update #1Een jaar geleden
    We appeared in person in front of the LA County Board of Supervisors on 9/25/18 to plead for Precious' life. Having over 1,000 supporters by that time made a powerful impact. Thank you so much for everyone's support. The fight is not over, the Department of Animal Care and Control submitted their recommendation to euthanize Precious. The Court to decide on Oct. 3rd, and we will keep fighting this. Latest updates posted here:
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