• van: ACEP ECO CLUB
  • ontvanger: citizens of Rivers State, Government

Hello Lovers of the Environment. We need to come together. Join our Campaign. T2W - Together We Win the fight against Air pollution. Everyone is affected: the elderly, children, mothers, fathers, common citizens and Government.

We wake up in the morning and black soot covers our trees, food, clothes cars, furniture — everything inside and outside the house. Our hands and feet turn black immediately when we start the day. When we clean our faces with a white handkerchief or towel, it turns black... this is really horrible. It's not just the dirt, it is dangerous.

Soot is dangerous and can cause premature deaths, asthma attacks, lung diseases and rise in cancer. It is really scary.

We need a mind set reorientation that we are all responsible. We need everyone in Rivers State to take action to reduce this Air Pollution. We want our leaders to take responsibility and work together towards a solution. They should sign up the state into breathe life city network, a Climate and Clean Air Coalition initiative led by WHO and UN Environment.

One is too small a number to make a difference... John C. Maxwell. That's why we need your help!

Please sign this petition and support our cause.

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