Tell Tyson To Clean Up Its Pollution and Help Rivers and the Dead Zone

Scientists recently announced that so much pollution has run into the Gulf of Mexico this year that it has created one of the largest Dead Zones on record- an area so polluted that marine life must flee or die.

One of the biggest reasons for the Dead Zone are giant meat companies like Tyson which are driving water pollution throughout the country. Excess manure and fertilizer pollution from the vast quantities of feed grown for their livestock is polluting local waterways and pouring into the Mississippi River, where it washes downstream into the Gulf of Mexico.

In fact, about 170% more tons of pollution is dumped into the Gulf each year from industrial meat and feed than was spilled by BP in 2010. Local communities are stuck with the bill, spending millions to clean up the water so that it is safe enough to drink.

As America's largest meat company, Tyson has the power to make meat less polluting. The time is right: Tyson's new CEO Tom Hayes has said he wants to "place sustainability at the center of the company's future plans." As the owner of Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, Sara Lee, Ball Park, and other brands, we need to make sure this marketing is backed with real action.

Tyson and other companies could dramatically reduce water pollution by taking simple steps to prevent manure and fertilizer from washing off their fields. Making sure all meat is raised using pollution-free feed is a clear way for Tyson to live up to its word and put the company on a more sustainable path. With water pollution worsening and demand for meat rising, the stakes could not be greater.

Sign our petition to Tyson right now, and tell the company to do its part in cleaning up America's waterways.
Update #25 jaar geleden
We are delivering your petition signature to Tyson this Thursday at their corporate headquarters!! We've topped 55K signatures, share the petition one more time and help us hit 60,000 folks saying: #CleanItUpTyson. If you're close to Bentonville, AR - join us at the petition delivery event! Thanks for helping tackle Tyson's water pollution from the Gulf to the Great Lakes!
Update #15 jaar geleden
We're hosting Clean Food Forums around the country this week and next:Tonight - Wed, Dallas, Tomorrow – Thursday: Chicago, New Orleans, Mon. Nov. 20 Omaha,, Kansas City, Des Moines, Nov. 21 Join us! Also,take a moment to share the petition to clean up Tyson
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