We represent the thousands of Antiguans and Barbudans whose lives have been affected by CANCER.
We are cancer patients, and we are cancer survivors.
We are the families of cancer patients, survivors and those who died of cancer. We are the neighbors, friends, church family, coworkers of persons whose lives were or are affected by cancer.
We are compassionate members of the medical fraternity who want better for our patients.
 For one long, hard year we have watched as cancer patients have been shipped out to Suriname, Columbia and other places to receive life-saving treatment that should be available HERE. We have watched while the delays in getting treatment have cost lives.
 We have watched as our loved ones leave behind their emotional support to travel alone to seek treatment, which is almost always debilitating.
 We continue to watch as patients experience inordinate delays trying to get BASIC radiological scans done at the Radiology Department of our only public hospital.
 We are tired of having to GO PRIVATE at great cost if we want to live.
A country's health is a country's wealth!
Enough is enough!
We want better, we need better, we DEMAND better!!!

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